loser on cruise control (whoknewyou) wrote,
loser on cruise control

kaizen motherfucker

been getting 1% better every day for a year and a half now.
sloping downward for longer than usual, but feeling good about the future

been obsessed, if for lack of a better term, with facebook lately. a lot of wasted time.

i should be writing more often. i like my knack for prose. once i get started, the juices are familiar and non-judgemental.

over a year in burlington now.
100 minutes of commuting 5 days a week for 52 weeks...is over 18 full days driving to and from work in a year. my year is 347 days long.
my life is waiting, somewhere out there.

once again, time to get skinny. doing it for the kids. to predict the future would be the antithesis of kaizen. i'm the same.
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