loser on cruise control (whoknewyou) wrote,
loser on cruise control

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they come with the dust and are gone with the wind

today is my second to last day of work. tomorrow is my last. this is bizarre, but not really. just the end of another two year cycle i suppose.
not that i won't miss it here, but where i'm going to, to me, just crushes this place in the importance department.
I'm not leaving anything behind. my ties to philly/jersey are not broken or frayed in any way.
Time to move on. i wish, for my sake, that i don't ever stop moving forward (literally or figuratively).
But, alas, while I didn't accomplish ALL of the goals that I may have set or may have been set for me, I think I surprised myself quite a lot.

I played the lottery last night (scratch off), but didn't win. the lottery seems to be one of those things you can either do too much, or not enough. either way it doesn't pay off. kind of like talking.

my winters will be colder, but life will be easier to bare.
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