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so why don't you kill me

go easy with the cheese whiz

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loser on cruise control
19 June 1984
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"The color of infinity inside an empty glass
I'm squinting my eye and turning off and on and on and off the light
It's for this experimental film
which nobody knows about and which
I'm still figuring out what's going to go in my experimental film
Yeah, you're all gonna be in this experimental film
and even though I can't explain it
I already know how great it is..."
6 feet under, antiexclusionism, apple, beck, being, belle and sebastian, black punk rock girls, blackjack, bob dylan, bob marley, bob odenkirk, books, breaking into churches, cameras, canada, canadian bacon, card counting, cars with fins, cat stevens, charles bukowski, cheap hotels, cheese, chicken, civil disobedience, clean sheets, conan o'brien, cosby, crossword puzzles, dali llama, david cross, deep thoughts, editing, eels, elliott smith, everything canadian, fight club, filming images, flaming lips, free food, game shows, geeks, george carlin, george orwell, grandaddy, granola bars, green party, herman hesse, history, home, human behavior, hunter s. thompson, imdb.com, joel and ethan coen, john updike, kevin smith, kids in the hall, kissing, knowing, kurt vonnegut, laughing, learning spanish, lemonade hold the lemon, louis armstrong, love, low maintenance women, lsd, luciana, maine, making people laugh, malcolm x, michael moore, modest mouse, mom, movies, mr. show, mumbling, mushrooms, my lungs, nastalgia, nintendo, no drama, no money, ny times crossword, observing, pants, peanut butter and jelly, philadelphia, philadelphia metro, phillies baseball, philosophy, photography, pizza, poetry, pornography, post production, post-wwii italian cinema, pringles, prostitution, psycho killers, quirkiness, radiohead, raisen bran crunch, ralph nader, receiving letters, requiem for a dream, robert frost, screenwriting, sentimental things, short-cuts, siddhartha, side shows, sociology, soft pretzels, sonnets, spike lee, stephen wright, steve buscemi, sufjan stevens, sushi, talking heads, teaching myself, the big lebowski, the daily show, the roots, the state, the trombone, the unknown, they might be giants, thinking, tom robbins, tommy boy, tool, trader joe's, tragically hip, vonnegut, watching, water, ween, wes anderson, white russians, wilco, william faulkner, women, woody guthrie, writing, wyoming

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