loser on cruise control (whoknewyou) wrote,
loser on cruise control

random rules

It's been some time. so, before an actual update, i'll do my best to explain my life through shuffling songs on iTunes. let's see what happens...

What Was Your Childhood Like?
"Inhuman Capabilities" Mr. Lif

What's Your Family All About?
"(You Give Me) Fever" Buddy Guy

How Did You Do in School?
"Crazy Love" Daniel Johnston

How Do You Feel About Yourself?
"Alcan Road" Ween

Your Thoughts On Religion?
"D's Dilemma" Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers

Ever Had A Bad Break Up?
"Slipped Away" G. Love and Special Sauce

What Do You Think About Your Significant Other?
"Chapel Hill" Sonic Youth

What Do You Think When You are Kissing Your Significant Other?
"Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own" Taj Mahal

What Are You Thinking While Making Love?
"Tits On The Radio" Scissor Sisters

How Is Work Going?
"Not The Same" Ben Folds Five

Do You Miss Your Loved Ones?
"Lief Erikson" Interpol

What Are Your Dreams?
"Don't Eat The Yellow Snow" Frank Zappa

Wanna Party?
"I Want to Break Free" Queen

Who Wants to Get High?
"What Would Brian Boitano Do?" South Park

Are You Tired?
"Memory Lane" Elliott Smith

Do You Feel Accomplished?
"Greetings In Braille" The Elected

Is Death Knocking At Your Door?
"Because" The Beatles

What Are You Doing Tomorrow?
"Lost Cause" Beck

What Are You Doing For the Rest of Your Life?
"Heaven" Talking Heads

and what-have-you
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