loser on cruise control (whoknewyou) wrote,
loser on cruise control

dykstra was on the juice, jimmy is on a roll

there's nothing like a pennant race. wow. i've been telling everyone here in new england since i got here that i'd see them in october (meaning the phillies would play the red sox in the world series). but i was given nothing but chuckles and, at best, sympathetic nods.
but now! it's, as they say, on.

in other news, i slashed my own tire last night. and i'm feeling an uncommon urge to organize my life. autumn.
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I hope the phillies beat the sox if they see them at the end, for revenge for the pats over the eagles.
i too hope for a good run in the playoffs...and a sort of related topic..captain big head is out of san fran
I was at the last three games before we made it to the play-offs!
It was amazing!
The city has gone crazy. THANK GOD my friend Harold has an HDTV for all of this.

Today is going to be crazy, I have to listen to the game at work and it is killing me. Yesterday I couldn't get the radio to work and had to wait for the thirty second updates on Yahoo.

Hope you are doing well, and GO PHILS!